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Wednesday, December Thirty-first, Two  Thousand  Fourteen  Abnormal   Times

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The Battlefield

    There is no blood shed on this battlefield.

    No dead bodies will you find.

    The soldiers are really invisible.

    This battle takes place in the mind.

    On one side are the good guys.

    They follow the Word of God.

    On the other side stands the enemy, brandishing Satan's rod.

    This rod attacks every good thought.

    It affects our thinking right from the start.

    This is an evil virus that has no cure.

    It can kill and destroy that which is pure.

    Arrows fly to the mind straight from the flesh.

    Feeding carnal desires and causing distress.

    The weapon of choice can be an arrow of lust.

    It's driven by passion and can't feel disgust.

    The knife of depression can sever a life

    That was driven by hopelessness, despair and strife.

    Why win the battle and still lose the war?

    The land minds are always the images you saw.

    If you look upon evil, you are defeating your own will.

    You might win the battle but lose the war still.

    If you listen to evil speaking, you feed filth to your mind.

    It matters not that they spoke it, you will lose every time.

    The eye gate, and the ear gate is the enemy turf.

    It is here in the trenches you determine their worth.

    If the eye is evil then darkness will abound.

    If the ear feast on gossip, there sin will be found.

    The thoughts of the mind can be controlled in a vice.

    Every thought must be held captive by the pure mind of Christ.


    Missions For Christ Ministries

Just finished Trayvon Martin Fifty Miler and Vegetarian Sandwich facing the York River

The Honorable
Minister Louis Farrakhan
Peter Tosh's
Downpressor Man

I will come From the Grave  

AND PUT MY          

Foot in your Behind      


Child Killer Kopp

                       "He had a gun."
                       So Sayeth
                       Lil' ray ray

Kimani Gray, 16, Murdered By



“Stay down, or we’ll shoot you again.”

Why, Are you Still....

Killing Each Other ?

Instead, Come Together

     SELF DEFENSE   As One

     It's Latter Than You 'Think'

Black People !


Child Killer Kopp

mourad mourad

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