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This Thug — Killer—Cop is free on Bail
By: Demian Bulwa

    Alton Maddox
    Jul 24, 2008 - 1:07:17 PM
    Blacks: Good Character and A Bad Reputation

If history is an index of racial progress and if graphing is the tool to plot our present spot in the United States, Blacks have gone back to 1933,economically;1899, educationally; 1872, politically; and 1857, legally. Whites, on the other hand, are futuristic. They are currently living in 2030.The gap between the time capsules of Blacks and whites is widening.

Reputation is the key to personal and racial progress. In American jurisprudence, reputation and character are distinctively different terms. Character is who you are. Reputation is who you are known to be. Character evidence is inadmissible in courts. Reputation evidence is admissible and it is based on community gossip.

The front cover of last week’s New Yorker magazine only confirmed certain racial stereotypes about Blacks. Our true character is irrelevant in this country. Group defamation is what Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. was addressing when he said “we should be judged by the content of our character rather than the color of our skin.”

He was urging whites to move away from reputation evidence and judge us on our character. From the outset, we were defined as “heathens”; and after rebellions in New York City in 1712 and 1741,we became known as “terrorists.” Our status as terrorists became enshrined in the Second Amendment.

There is a reason for the timing of District of Columbia v. Heller, in which the Supreme Court definitely advised whites to keep and bear arms. Some Black preachers and Black selected officials have construed this decision to mean Black disarmament. They have instituted guns-for-cash programs.

Despite the withering assaults on our character from white supremacists like the late Sen. Jesse Helms of Monroe, N.C., who affected the political philosophy of Robert Williams, a fellow resident of Monroe, our character remained intact, internationally, until 1968. Williams had urged Blacks to arm themselves during the 1950s.

We lost our moral compass in 1968 and we have been headed backwards ever since. Barack Obama in the White House will not stop the skid. Obama is an oathtaker. Malcolm X and Dr. King were not. Today, we need men and women of character and not self-appointed leaders who refer to us as “niggers.”

Although group defamation falls far short of constituting a common law tort under American jurisprudence, it is a constitutional tort under the Thirteenth Amendment. So far, we have stayed away from the Thirteenth Amendment as if it were the carrier of a deadly virus.

Unfortunately, we have thrown away the Reconstruction amendments. Blacks believe in diversity. This is an insult to our revered ancestors. Other groups are only the beneficiaries of the Black struggle. We have earned the right to demand special preferences under the Thirteenth Amendment.

The public use of the word “nigger” to describe descendants of enslaved Africans constitutes a constitutional tort. “Nigger”is a badge of slavery and its use is subject to vindication under the Thirteenth Amendment. No other group was enslaved in the United States at the time of the Civil War and, therefore, no other group is constitutionally entitled to be free of the badges of slavery.

Because our reputation is at an all-time low in this country, every Black person is a sitting duck and a walking target. Our homes have been reduced to slave quarters. Police raids have become routine. White mobs are also attacking Blacks on their property. This was the problem in Money, Miss., on August 28, 1955. It happened again in Suffolk ounty, N.Y., but with a different result.

In 1994, Minoo Southgate and Curtis Sliwa, for example, mistook the Slave Theater in Brooklyn for the slave quarters on the plantation. They were giving homage to Dred Scott. Whites have the right to keep Blacks under surveillance. No Black assembly can occur without the presence of a white person.

Hunting season for Blacks is year-round. Animals at least have seasonable rights. Some animals are subject to the Endangered Species Act. No animal will ever have to suffer a 50- or 41-bullet fusillade in New York. No human is that inhumane. Whites recognize animals as having some value in nature.

After the Sean Bell massacre, it was hoped that Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly would grant some slack and make some minute concession. He did. Any police officer involved in a shooting would have to be tested for drugs and alcohol. Advocates for Sean Bell et al. hailed this minute concession as a milestone in their war against police brutality.

This defeasible concession was short-lived. Kelly was an Indian giver. When the first test case arose on July 13, 2008,the breathalyzer test jumped out the window. A drunken, off-duty detective, Ivan Davidson, shot Stephon Allston, who allegedly was engaging in a gang assault on “John Doe.” Allston allegedly opened fire on Davidson, who responded with heat. In the exchange, Allston was shot in the arm and leg.

Afterwards, Allston and Rasheem Anderson were arrested at a nearby hospital. Jovan Goldson was arrested the following day at his mother’s home. The city’s tabloids have failed to identify or acknowledge the existence of a victim. Moreover, there has been no mention of the police recovering any shell casings at the “crime scene.”

This shooting appears to fail the smell test. There seems to be no corroborative evidence of Davidson’s version of the shooting. Allston’s confederates failed to flee. Apparently, they took Allston to the hospital and one of the friends remained with Allston until they both were arrested. Flight is usually a sine qua non of a crime.

A cop’s shooting of any person—including Allston—is a crime. Davidson failed Kelly’s mandated sobriety test. Intoxication is not a defense to a shooting. Justification is a defense. The Queens district attorney’s office will not conduct a grand jury investigation of the shooting. Davidson’s failure of a sobriety test is of no moment. He is back on the police beat.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Kelly are treating Davidson as a hero based only on his self-serving description of the shooting. Allston has two strikes against him: He is Black; in addition, he has a rap sheet. The rap sheet was apparently unknown to Davidson when he tattooed Allston.

In New York, Blacks are given Jedburgh justice. This means that the police shoot first and ask questions later. The initial inquiry is about the suspect’s character. Given the criminal reputation that has been accorded to all Blacks, the search is on for a police record. When the rap sheet is unearthed, the police holler “Bingo!” Case closed.

There will be no public outcry over a drunken policeman shooting a possibly unarmed Black person despite Sean Bell. We will never hear Allston’s version of the shooting in a due process forum. To make matters worse, the Queens district attorney’s office intends to vigorously prosecute and convict Allston and his friends even if it means using coerced and perjured evidence.

In short, the NYPD is a domestic version of Blackwater Worldwide, a mercenary army engaged in Iraq. Police terrorism will continue to thrive in New York until the NYPD is put under civilian control. An amendment to the New York City Charter could happen in 2009. It will require a people’s movement.

July 27—Family Day for Freedom Retreat for Girls in Kerhonkson, N.Y.Great fun and food.

July 30—UAM’s weekly forum at 7:30 p.m. at Elks Plaza,1068 Harriet Tubman (Fulton Street) near Classon Avenue in Brooklyn. Take the C train to Franklin Avenue.

August 8—Oral argument in Maddox v.Prudenti et al.is scheduled in the U.S.Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit,500 Pearl St. in Manhattan,at 9:30 a.m.

For further information on all events, call United African Movement at (718) 834-9034.

See Alton H. Maddox, Jr. for “The Politics of Oil”; “The Right to Keep and Bear Arms”; “Stand with Councilman Barron”; “Police Pressures Hynes for Convictions”; “Community Control of the NYPD”;and “U.S.Pardon for Marcus Garvey?”


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