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Thursday, September Third , Anno Domini, Two Thousand Nine

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Rose Show For Beginners

The Virginia Peninsula Rose Society ( VPRS ) will conduct a Rose Show at the Newport News Women's Club.

All Rose Growers are invited to Participate in theShow.

However, the Show is for all Rose Growers who have not won a Trophy at a
Rose Show.
All who desire to learn more about how to prepare their Roses and Rose Arrangements for Show Competition are Welcome.

The Arrangement Division

The Arrangement Division, conducted by Mr. Marti Youmans, theme is
Back To School. Individuals should please bring your own Backdrops, if participating in the Arrangement Division.

The Horticultural Division

The Horticultural Division, conducted by Ms. Joy Long, includes Large and Miniatures Roses, displayed in Clusters or as Single Specimens.
A good Exhibition Hybrid Tea, should be about 18 - 21 inches long.
The Stem on a Miniature should be around 6 - 7 inches long, depending
on the size of the Bloom Head.

Who:    Lt. Col. Robert Little, Consulting Rosarian
        Telephone Number: ( 757 ) - 851 - 1140

What:   This Rose Show will provide an Education on
        the Fundamentals of Grooming Roses for 
        Entry into a Rose Show by 
        VPRS Consulting Rosarians

Where:  461 J Clyde Morris Boulevard, 
        Newport News, Vir., 23601
a.k.a.  Popular; Route 17 - Not as; Tidewater Trail

When:   Individuals participating in Show, please  
        register your entries at 2:00 p.m. on 
        Sunday, September 13, 2009

How:    Directions to the Rose Show. 
        The entrance to the Women's Club 
        is two Traffic Lights, after you
        cross Jefferson Ave., on the right
        hand side of the road, just before  
        you get to Riverside Hospital.

R.S.V.P. Mr. Robert Little ( 757 ) 851-1140

Killer Cop andrew dunton Shoots
Favorite Flavor In-the-Back

Healthy People

Dear Mr. Obama,

Please don't forget why most of us, voted for the Democrats, during the National Elections, last November...

Um Hum, CHANGE !

Mr. President, I humbly request, that you Mo'sense the Repubs, like they are trying ( gorilla style ) to do to us, The Democrats. Remember Mr. Newt, Newton Leroy McPherson Gingrich and the way President Clinton Mo'sensed his Contract with rather ON AMERICA ? Particularly the staying/shutdown of the Federal Government's nonessential services during parts of November and December in 1995 ( Thanksgiving-Christmas ) and Janurary ( New Years ) of 1996 ? Well, the workers at the Regional Veterans Administration Hospital Facility in Hampton, Vir. did'nt have a Happy Holidays Experience. As for Back Seat Newt, yes yes this Three in one Act Money Boys Play, Big Banged because Newton Leroy McPherson was assigned to the back of Airforce One by Mr. William Jefferson Blythe III. Repub's Motto: Whatever Sticks! Cigar anyone ?

Mr. Obama, Sir., you have Stump-talked-video-talked-yo-mama-talked about how this country needs a Public Option to guarantee Health Care for all Americans. Good ! You are fighting the Good Fight. Good ! The other Party treats you like Compose. Bad !
But, the Repubs seem Happiest, when pissed-off !
Go ahead and Make'Em Really Happy !

PUBLIC OPTION is for those who cannot afford


Mr. President, I can See by Looking @ That Face
That Face of Yours ( SMILE ) that you are Indeed


The Best You Can with What You've Got

    Healthy People

    Sun-Merry-Time and D Liv N Hopefully is Easy The correct way to eat Fruits Perhaps there's a Watermelon Man or Woman
    Parked on the side of a Street, in your City

Mr. MisterBoy's Virgin Vegetarian Refrigerator

Of course summer and produce is paradise for vegee's on a budget. Organics are safer Vis a vis pesticides-herbicides-fungicides-insecticides. Unfortunately, organics 'high test', cost considerably more than 'regular' produce. In terms of
Healthy People
rinsing your produce well, with water, before putting in the fridge, is the minimal [ the food still contains the 'cides' in their fibers -think essence- but you do the best you can ], in terms of sanitation, therefore health. Pass on produce with white stains on the 'skin'. Don't know what these stains [ fertilizer -Nitrogen, phosphorus-potassium- combined with 'cides'. While in the U.S.M.C., learned a white phosphorus gernade would melt a cast iron automotive engine block ] are. Don't buy either. I've been a Vegetarian since the seventy second year of the twentieth century. Do vegetarians live longer, than Flesh Eaters ? Don't Know. Do vegetarians have less diseases than Flesh Eaters ? Generally... Yes and there-by less pain. Are there Fat Vegetarians ? Yes there are, but.. Vegee's or Flesh Eaters who do 'regular' exercises, and get a decent amount of rest [ think sleep ] tend to be much leaner and feel much better.

Nuyorican in as Supreme Court justice

No one person, judge or nominee will speak in a female or people of color voice. I need not remind you that Justice Clarence Thomas represents a part but not the whole of African-American thought on many subjects. Yet, because I accept the proposition that, as Judge Resnik describes it, "to judge is an exercise of power" and because as, another former law school classmate, Professor Martha Minnow of Harvard Law School, states "there is no objective stance but only a series of perspectives - no neutrality, no escape from choice in judging," I further accept that our experiences as women and people of color affect our decisions. The aspiration to impartiality is just that--it's an aspiration because it denies the fact that we are by our experiences making different choices than others. Not all women or people of color, in all or some circumstances or indeed in any particular case or circumstance but enough people of color in enough cases, will make a difference in the process of judging.

Whether born from experience or inherent physiological or cultural differences, a possibility I abhor less or discount less than my colleague Judge Cedarbaum, our gender and national origins may and will make a difference in our judging. Justice O'Connor has often been cited as saying that a wise old man and wise old woman will reach the same conclusion in deciding cases. I am not so sure Justice O'Connor is the author of that line since Professor Resnik attributes that line to Supreme Court Justice Coyle. I am also not so sure that I agree with the statement. First, as Professor Martha Minnow has noted, there can never be a universal definition of wise. Second, I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life

Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Virginia Beach's Neptune photographed 08-09-2009 during MisterBoy's 42 mile Healthy People bi-weekly Bicycle Ride
It was only hot at Red Light stops

Mr. MisterBoy's ninety seven percent pure H2O Distiller
The taste is neutral
Its water formed the Ice
Discovered By
Colonel Aureliano Buendia

Healthy People

This month’s job number’s are a sign that we’ve begun to put the brakes on this recession, and that the worst may be behind us, but we must do more than rescue our economy from this immediate crisis [ Juncture ].

  • We must Rebuilt it Stronger than Before
  • We must lay a New Foundation for Future Growth and Prosperity, and a Key Pillar of/for a New Foundation is Health Insurance Reform
  • Reform that we are now closer to achieving than ever before
  • Moving towards a broad consensus on Reform
  • In addition to the 4 committees working together in Congress, Providers have agreed to Bring Down Cost
  • Drug Companies have agreed to make Prescriptions More Affordable for Seniors
  • The AARP supports Reform, because of the Better Care it will offer to Seniors, and
  • The American Nursing Association and the American Medical Associations, which represents millions of Doctors and Nurses, who know our Health Care System best, all Support Reform as well
  • As we draw close to finalizing and passing Real Health Insurance Reform, the defenders of the Status Quo, and Political Point Scorers [ PPS'ers ] in Washington, are going fiercer in their opposition. In recent days and weeks, some have been using misleading information to defeat what they know is the best chance at Reform we've ever had
  • Senators and Congressmen/Congresswomen are going home to explain what Reform will mean for You
  • Let me start by dispelling the outlandish rumors, that Reform will promote euthanasia, or, cut Medicaid, or, bring about a government takeover of health care
  • That's Simply Not True

  • This is'nt about putting government in charge of your health insurance
  • It's about putting you in Charge of your Health Insurance
  • Under the Reforms we seek

    If you like your Doctor
    You can Keep your Doctor
    If you like your Health Care Plan
    You can Keep your Health Care Plan

  • And, while Reform is obviously essential for the forty million Americans who don't have Health Care Insurance, it will also provide more Stabiliy and Security to the hundreds of millions who do
  • Right now we have a System that works well for the Insurance Industry. But that does'nt always work well for you
  • What we need and what we will have, when we pass Health Insurance Reform, are Consumer Protections to make sure that those who have insurance are treated fairly and that Insurance Companies are held Accountable
  • We'll require Insurance Companies to cover Routine Check-ups and Preventive Care, like Mammograms and Colonoscopies, or Iron Foot [ foot Melanoma; the soles, between the toes, and around and under the toenails ] exams for Diabetics, so, we can avoid chronic illnesses that cost too many lives and too much money
  • We'll stop Insurance Companies from denieing coverage because of a persons Medical History
  • Because of my mother's experience: Under these Reforms, Insurance Companies, will no longer be able to deny coverage, because of a Previous illness or injury and Insurance Companies, will no longer be allowed to Drop or Water Down Coverage, for someone who has become Seriously ill. Your Health Care Insurance ought to be there for you, when it counts, and Reform will make sure it is.
  • With Reform Insurance Companies will also, have to limit, how much you can be charged for out-of-pocket Expenses, and
  • We'll stop Insurance Companies from placing arbitrary caps on the amount of coverage you can receive, in a given year, for a lifetime, because no one in America should go Broke, because of an Illness.

  • In the end the debate about Health Insurance Reform, boils down to a choice between two approaches. The first is almost guaranteed to double Health Care Costs over the next Decade, leave millions more Americans without Insurance, leave those with Insurance venerable to arbitrary Denials of Coverage and bankrupt State and Federal Governments

    That's the Status Quo
    That's the Health Care System we have Right Now

  • So, we can either continue this approach or we can choose another one. One that will protect people against unfair Insurance Practices, provide quality, affordable Insurance to every American and bring down rising costs that are swamping families, businesses and our budgets. That's the Health Care System we can bring about with Reform
  • There are those who are focused on the so called politics of Health Care, who are trying to exploit differences or concerns for political gains, and that's to be expected, that's Washington. But lets never forget, that this is'nt about politics
  • This is about Peoples Businesses
  • This is about Americans Future
  • That's what's at Stake
  • That's why Health Insurance is so Important
  • That's why we have to get this Done
  • That's why we will get this done

This Year

Learn more about these consumer protections at Whitehouse .gov

Thank you so much

Barack Obama

    On Friday, 08-07-09, the United States Department of Labor indicated a tenth of a percentage drop in the Unemployment Rate for July, relative to June. Mr. Obama stated during a 1:20 pm. response - " We won't rest until every American who is looking for a job, can find one. "

“With her profound love for country and her deep faith, President Aquino carried the torch of democracy for the Fili­pino People. Through her relentless efforts, the light of Philippine democracy continues to shine to this day and inspire other nations,” ayon pa sa paha­yag ng DFA.

Incorruptible Leader - Unquestionable Integrity

President of the Philippines

Ms. Corazon 'Cory' Aquino

The Town of

WAKARUSA in Harrison and Olive Townships in Elkhard County Ind., received Federal Grants along with a

you are welcome
from Mr. Obama.

Why Elkhard Co. ?

Uber Unemployment


" I don't want to have to import a hybrid, a battery or a wind generator. I want to have them built, right here, in the

' U. S. of A.'"

Mr. Obama

Huzur Swami Ji Maharaj

Founder - Radha Swami Satsang Beas

Philosophy and Spiritual Science



Four Shaky Pillars

  1. The post-coup regime in UN-occupied Haiti rests on four unstable pillars: money, weapons, class solidarity and racism.
  2. Money: Those who call the shots in Haiti today are those who control the bank accounts. Contrast, for example, the $600 million budget of the UN force with that of the Republic of Haiti. The latter grew from $300 million in 2004-05 to $850 million in 2005-06 to 1.8 billion in 2006-07 and finally to $2 billion in 2008-09, with the caveat that above 60% of the budget is dependent on foreign sources and their associated conditions. President Préval's pleas for MINUSTAH tanks to be replaced by construction equipment remain as futile as they are incessant.[12] The "grants" allocated to Haiti at never-ending donors' conferences are largely directed towards the donor's own selected non-governmental organizations.
  3. In response to last year's food riots, Préval vowed in a speech delivered in Creole that he would no longer subsidize foreign rice imports but would instead stimulate the production and consumption of Haitian rice. This statement was retracted in a matter of hours, and Préval announced instead that he was in fact using the country's meager resources to subsidize imported (American) rice to reduce the retail price by 16 percent.[13] The balance of power being what it is in these complex relationships, Haiti is expected to accept without a whimper the poisoned gifts "donated" by her generous benefactors in the name of "peace" or "humanitarian aid." I recall how in 1997, when confronted with the poor quality of a foreign "expert's" report submitted to the Minister, a junior Canadian NGO staff person, who was supposedly working in support of Haiti's Ministry of Environment, arrogantly interjected that "beggars cannot be choosers."

    By Jean Saint-Vil
    Rastafari Speaks Interactive

Reflections of Fidel

The history of Haiti and its tragedy is far more complex. Haiti was the second country of this hemisphere after the United States -which proclaimed its sovereignty in 1776- that conquered its independence in 1804. In the case of the US, the white descendants from the settlers who founded the Thirteen British Colonies, who were fervent, austere and cultured religious believers and owned land and slaves, shook off the British colonial yoke and enjoyed their national independence. But this was not the case for the autochthonous population, the African slaves or their descendants, who were denied every right, regardless of the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Philadelphia.

In Haiti, where more than 400 000 slaves worked for 30 000 white owners, the men and women submitted to that heinous system, for the first time in the history of humankind, were able to abolish slavery, maintain an independent State and defend it by struggling against soldiers who had brought the European monarchies to their knees.
That period coincided with the boom of capitalism and the emergence of powerful colonial empires that managed to dominate the lands and the seas of the planet for centuries.

By Fidel Castro Ruz
Rastafari Speaks Interactive

Immediately after throwing Dr. Gates in jail, sgt. crow-ley, A known liar,
[ The officer who arrested Gates, sgt. james crow-ley, said in his police report that he talked to Whalen soon after he arrived at Gates' home. "She went on to tell me that she observed what appeared to be two black males with backpacks on the porch," crow-ley wrote in his report.
Whalen's attorney, Wendy Murphy, said her client never mentioned the men's race to Crowley and is upset by news reports she believes have unfairly depicted her as a racist.
The arresting officer, sgt. james crow-ley, has said his information on the race of the suspects came during a brief encounter with Whalen outside Gates' house.
Whalen contradicted that Wednesday, saying she made no such description and that the only words he uttered were for her to stay where she was
. ]
proselytized to being behind President Obama "up to a point",then, a bit later, just before the above face to face, the sgt. ascended his support to a claimed 110 per cent. What's up with that ? Well, With respect to the sgt., Absolutely Nothing. Why ? When sgt. crow-ley goes back to cambridge, Mass. his 'Brother' police benevolent association member from the Boston P.D., one justin barrett, [ cut barrett loose ] will meet and greet Crowley with expressions of kindness, imbibe iced tea / chablis [ so sayeth ann coulter ] and set-up a cover plan for the

SAME - O' - SAME - O'

Banana Eating
jungle Monkeys

I realize the distraction vis-a-vis National Health Care
Dead men don't need Health Insurance

White cops, for instance, have gunned down a black officer four times over the past 15 years; the reverse has never happened even once, ever. Additionally, cops have gunned down dozens of completely innocent, law abiding blacks to say nothing of the hundreds of thousands stopped and frisked under profiling policies tolerated by the mayor and his police commissioner. Les Payne

Healthy People

Dear Friends,

If you’re like most Americans, there’s nothing more important to you about health care than peace of mind. Given the status quo, that’s understandable. The current system often denies insurance due to pre-existing conditions, charges steep out-of-pocket fees – and sometimes isn’t there at all if you become seriously ill. It’s time to fix our unsustainable insurance system and create a new foundation for health care security. That means guaranteeing your health care security and stability with eight basic consumer protections:
  • No discrimination for pre-existing conditions
  • No exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles or co-pays
  • No cost-sharing for preventive care
  • No dropping of coverage if you become seriously ill
  • No gender discrimination
  • No annual or lifetime caps on coverage
  • Extended coverage for young adults
  • Guaranteed insurance renewal so long as premiums are paid
Learn more about these consumer protections at Whitehouse.gov Over the next month there is going to be an avalanche of misinformation and scare tactics from those seeking to perpetuate the status quo. But we know the cost of doing nothing is too high. Health care costs will double over the next decade, millions more will become uninsured, and state and local governments will go bankrupt. It’s time to act and reform health insurance, drive down costs and guarantee the health care security and stability of every American family. You can help by putting these core principles of reform in the hands of your friends, your family, and the rest of your social network.

Thank you,

Barack Obama

The President of the United States was Correct

Cambridge Police sgt.
james crow-ley at his Natick House

" There are not many things
in Life that Are Certain
But it is For Certain
That sgt. crow-ley
Will Not be Apologizing."
Source: CNN LCD Monitor
Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr.
House Arrested

Prof. Gates' ROOT

Stupidly Brutish

Mr. Michael Steele
Against Unemployment Ins.

Healthy People

"Clearly, while tickets indeed can reduce accident rates, they can also increase insurers' profits by raising drivers' premiums. That's one reason insurer Geico , for example, several years ago used to donate radar units to police departments. But a Geico spokeswoman says she believes the company has discontinued that practice, which came under heavy criticism."

No, I'm not writing about Car Insurance. I was however, wondering: ( (who/why ) on earth, ( is/are they ) against, Health Coverage ?

Who ? The nation's largest Fortune 500 publicly traded health benefits companies.

Why ? Profits ! Accrued from one out of six dollars circulated via national economic activities dealing with unhealthy people in unhealthy ways.

There are the acronymic HMOs, PPOs, POS plans, HDHP/SOs and other conventional plans, which offer single and/or family coverage. With out of pocket spending maximums roaming from zero to over Six K, depending on office-visits Vs hospital stays, and/or the ratio of union workers compared to lower wage employees. Swindler, Bernie - King of Ponzi - Madoff, perhaps mourns not taking the Insurance License exam, upon reading of the Chief Suit at Anthem Inc., Larry C. Glasscock who's swindered forty two and a half million, from the health benefits company. Good Bennies:
Whole ( $42 legal Million ) Life Vs Term ( 150 jail yrs. ) Life.

While acknowledging ( He has, he believes Blue Cross-Blue Shield health insurance, provided via the RNC . ) the need for universal health care, Republican National Committee Chairman, Mr. Michael Steele, mentioned " we must include Insurance ( Read Health Benefits company, benefiting themselves at the expense of our eighty five year old grandmamas ) Agencies ". Mr. Steele, without hesitation, when asked on CNN today ( 7-21-09 ) " What are you doing to address the uninsured "? replied; "That's not my Job. Why Rush" ?

Soul-less Vampire Bastards
Making Money
Off of Human Pain

Bill Maher

Mr. Steele, Health Care is the job of All of Us.

Why ? Mr. Steele, what you do to the least of us - humanity - you do also to yourself , Mr. Steele.
Morocco MisterBoy

Judge Sonia Sotomayor
Supreme Court Nominee


National Black Theatre

Dear Friends,

As you read this, we are closer than ever to passing comprehensive health insurance reform that benefits American families and small businesses. Despite all the back and forth in the news right now, it is important to understand just how far we've come in this challenging process.

That's why I held a press conference tonight at 8pm ET, and wrote to let everyone know where we are, what's ahead, and why health insurance reform is so important.

Let me be clear: although Congress is still debating parts of the legislation, we have achieved critical consensus on several key areas:

If you already have health insurance: reform will provide you with more security and stability. It will limit your own out of pocket costs and prevent your insurance company from dropping your coverage if you get too sick. You'll also have affordable insurance options if you lose or change your job. And it will cover preventive care like check-ups and mammograms that save lives and money.

If you don't have health insurance: you will finally have guaranteed access to quality, affordable health care, and you can choose the plan that best suits your family's needs. And No Insurance Company Will be allowed to Deny you Coverage because Of a Pre-existing medical Condition.

Now, I realize that the last few miles of any race are the hardest to run, but we can't stop now. There's no dispute about it: we cannot control our long-term fiscal health as a nation without health insurance reform. American families and small businesses understand that the health insurance status quo is taking away those things that they value most about health care. The stability and security that comes with knowing that you can get the treatment you need, when you need it. Without reform, we are consigning our children to a future of skyrocketing premiums and crushing deficits.

We have to seize this opportunity and pass health insurance reform this year. You can help by forwarding this email to your family and friends and letting them know what's at stake in this debate.

Thank you,

Barack Obama

Live video chat through Facebook and WhiteHouse.gov today ( 7-23-09 ) at 3pm.Eastern Time, on Health Ins. Reform

Was'nt nothing strange about Michael Jackson

What was strange, was what He had to put-up with

Rev. Al

Michael Jackson

Simply The Best


Mr. Berry Gordy

Was Michael Jackson

Murdered ?

The Ship Sails On
The N. Y. Times
The Virginian Pilot

By Morocco MisterBoy

Murdered ?

By Morocco MisterBoy

Eric H. Holder Jr.

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

By Morocco MisterBoy


Ah, Marshall Duties Atop
The 59th. St. Bridge

By Morocco MisterBoy


Africa - for Africans

Interview: U.S. President -AllAfrica.com
Africa - Obama's Punch Bag

By Prince Kahari

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Photo by Miguel de Guzman

President Corazon " Cory " Aquino
Passed Saturday
Led Bloodless Revolt in 1986
First Woman President
of the Philippines

President Sassou-Nguesso
Congo -Brazzaville


Volunteer in Africa
Explore a
of Contrasts
Volunteering in Africa


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