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Saturday, December Eighth , Two Thousand Twelve

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I am filled with emotion and sadness over the loss of an innocent man at the hands of a flawed system....and with pride, in how we as brothers and sisters fighting for justice came together to send more than one million petitions on Troy's behalf.

But above all I am filled with hope, because we have not forgotten Troy. We have lived by his final words, "Continue to fight this fight." The doubt in Troy's case ignited a movement to finally end the death penalty once and for all, and 'We' are making steady progress toward that goal.

The death penalty was abolished in Connecticut. California voters will, with our diligent advocacy, follow suit this November. And next year we'll be working toward a legislative victory against the death penalty in Maryland. We are moving toward a judicial system worthy of this great nation one that is finally rid of the brutal and barbaric practice of Capital Punishment.

I said last year that September 21st would not just be a solemn anniversary, but also a call to action. Help us make it so by spreading the word that one execution of an innocent man is one too many. There will always be too much doubt when it comes to the death penalty.

One year ago, at 10:53pm, Troy Davis was put to death for a murder he did not commit

We fought hard for Troy. We organized around the globe: protesting, rallying, and holding vigils. We fasted, we prayed, and we came together as one.

And Troy knew it. Because before his death he told me that our movement had to live on, even if we couldn't save him. Troy wanted to ensure that no other innocent person would be put to death. He knew we had to pull the plug on a system that enables the execution of innocent men and women.

So on the anniversary of Troy's execution, let us remind those we fought with and those who may not have known Troy's struggle that there will always be "Too Much Doubt" in a system that puts a man to death in spite of overwhelming evidence of his innocence.

Thank you all, for all that you've done and all that you will do. The world will always know the name:

Troy Anthony Davis.


Benjamin Todd Jealous
President and CEO


Email I received.
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2012 23:51:16 +0000 To: MisterBoy@MisterBoy.com From: dccc@dccc.org Subject: Wow! J. Morocco This would be amazing: As of this moment, we are just 212 donations short of the most contri- butions we've ever had on a single day! Only a few short hours remain before the midnight fundraising deadline. Will you put us over the top? Contribute $3 before midnight and we'll triple-match your gift Thank you, Nancy

My reply.

Madam Speaker, Nancy, no disrespect to you, but

No thank you.

Respectfully, J. Morocco MisterBoy


No more Change You Can Believe In

Why ? I'm no longer a Believer

When Mrs. Nancy Pelosi was the Speaker of the United States of America's House of Representatives, Madam Speaker had to give-up/agree to fund the entire U.S. of A. Defense Establishment for a Fiscal Year, in order to get Unemployment Benefits extended for a few months.

Now, after three and one-half years of Mr. Barack Hussein NO MO'BAMA II, there is nothing left in the Nations 'known' Treasure, to loot, so NO MO'BAMA cuts back on Mostly Social Programs, with a little help from his Banker Butt Boys.

Let's break out the paddles and spank No MO'BAMA's Chain of Fools 'Jackass' Regime

Run, to your District Voting Location on November seventh, Two Thousand Twelve. Please, go early and vote for


Say It Loud !


The most Poignant and therefore memorable moment during the Occupy The 'Justice' Department To Free Mr. Mumia Abu-Jamal March along the Streets of D.C., came about fifteen minutes into the walk. As we marched and chanted demands to 'Free Mumia', there were many stops, due to traffic, to the forward progression of the march. One 'stop' in particular involved the chant:

Don't worry Mumia
We're gonna free you
Sitting or Standing
Your "Freedom" we're demanding

This particular 'Chant' was repeated, over and over, within walking distance of the 'Justice' Department, on a bright, bright, bright sunshiny day, amidst the shade of the relatively tall D.C. Building, over and over, non-stop for roughly three or four minutes, mostly by the women.

The moment could best be described as, to me, listening to Ambassador Andrew Young mentioning the encounter during the March From Selma To Montgomery between the State of Alabama "The Beautiful" and the Marchers for the myth of Social Equity and Civil Coequality.



Time: Six-thirty p.m.

Although you can't discern it from the above photo, Hampton University Couches were coming and going and coming to the Hampton Golf and Tennis Center, unloading voters to Vote. Earlier, around four thirty p.m., the line was snaked parallel along Settlers Landing Road, Right Angling a couple hundred feet towards the Club House and Pro Shop.

Acceptable Forms of ID For Voting In The U.S.A. State of Virginia

Virginia Voter Card
Social Security Card
Valid Virginia Driver's License
Concealed Weapons Permit
Driver's Licenses Expiring
Within Thirty Days
before Election Day
Will Be
Considered valid
For use as Voter ID

ANY Other ID Issued By A Government Agency Of

The Commonwealth of Virginia
A Public College in Virginia
A Public University in Virginia
A Political Subdivision in Virginia
Such As
A County, City or Town etc.
The United States
Any Valid Employee ID Card
A Photo
Issued by The Voter's Employer
The 'Ordinary' Course of Business

For a First Time Voter That
Registered To Vote By Mail
Or Through A Third
Party Registration Group
You Can Use
One Of The Following IDs

A current and valid Photo Identification
Such As
A valid Virginia Driver's License
An Employee Photo ID
A Student Photo ID from a Virginia Public High School
Or From
An Institution of Higher Learning
A Passport

A copy of one of the following current documents containing the voter's name and address

A Utility Bill
A Bank Statement
A Paycheck
A Government Check
A Virginia Voter's Card
A Document from any Federal, State
Local Government Agency