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Saturday, December the third, Two Thousand Eleven

Les Payne K O N C H WEYANOKE Earth Center R S S B AAL Maddox ARCHIVES

Mr. Obama's Inauguration, as President of the United States, was January 20th., 2009

President Obama has served in office Two Years, Ten Months and Thirteen Days

Watch live streaming video from occupynyc at livestream.com

Unannounced CockRoach Mike Waits till the midnight hourto 'Clean' Occupy

All access arteries to Downtown Manhattan had been closed down, including The Bklyn. and Manhattan Bridges, Harlem and Midtown Tunnels plus the Fifty Ninth St. Bridge from L.I. City
At approximately three thirty a.m., the nypd warned Citizens who were peacefully assembled to address a grievance of the nascent Ninety Nine Percent of us that an impending Syrian Type of Violence would be visited upon their bodies.... and the hell with the Constitutionality of this Peacefully Protected Gathering

The richest country in Afrika, perhaps, ( Libya ), was bombed down to the sand and Black Libyan's were Hanged, under the auspices of United Nations Resolution 1973.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization's involvement ? Purportedly, to protect Libya's Citizens....

There's Manuel Noriega Saddam Hussein — and now Brother Leader — Who's country was developed without taking any foreign loans, and, as a result, Libya was debt-free. —" We strongly believe that the resolution is being abused for regime change, political Assassinations and foreign military occupation" South Afrikan President, Mr. Jacob Zuma

|Goldii, continued from left column| " The issue of guilt/innocence is not a current consideration in the courts. His conviction is being upheld. The conviction needs to be placed on the table, because he is an innocent man. "

Footage of Scott Olsen being shot by Police at Occupy Oakland

Pay off Home Owners Mortgages
Allowing the Banks to get 'their' money
Allowing Home Owners to keep 'their' Homes

But....The Federal Government is backing (Guaranteeing) 90% of the Home Mortages

Hot LanTa'


It was the Night of Michael Jackson's Homicidal Propofol Injections, or was it the Morning of Michael Jackson's Homicidal Propofol Injections, or was it the Afternoon of Michael Jackson's Homicidal Propofol Injections, it was 12:20 pm before a telephone call was placed to 9-1-1, and all through his bedroom, not a creature was stirring, except for Doctor Conrad Murray, injecting Michael's Thigh with Too Much Propofol

On the day of his death, June 25, 2009, which was Michael Joseph Jackson's last night in his earthly body, during the early Morning hours of 1, 2, 3 or 4 am, I slept, but, not in time to get my eight

Whilst I was asleep, my conscious mind was awaken quite suddenly by an Epiphanic Realization Dream

In my Epiphanic Realization Dream, there was someone up close to me, as I laid in bed on my right side.

This someone, I do not know who, or what the relationship between us was, but in the dream, I inherently trusted this human

So, I only became cognizant of his weapon when he fired the first round into the side of my thigh. which caused my head to jerk up and to my left, where he stood. I looked up at him, right at him, not understanding, again he fired into my thigh. Frozen with shock and awe, I watched him deliberately fire five times into my left thigh.

After the second shot my mind went from disbelief to:

I trusted you ! How could you betray me ? At which point, I woke up.

The next day, June 25, 2009, Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson was 'found' dead

Can you, after two years and four months, check the side of his left thigh for multiple needle punctures ?

Renaissance in the Belly of a Killer Whale

212-722-3800 National Black Theatre 2031-33 Fifth Avenue

Black Agenda Haitian Times Black Is Back Black Agenda Report The Black Institute

We Are The 99 Percent
5 pm. October 15, 2011
Norfolk, Virginia


Change 'We' Ninety-Niners 'Can Use'

Social Security is not a Benny

The way To Fix Social Security

Stop replacing MONEY FROM THE SOCIAL SECURITY TRUST FUND with worthless I.O.U.'s

Keep Out WarningBewareDanger Keep Out


With Boomer Drip FRUIT & VEGETABLES RICE & BEANSBREAD & WATER Flow until 2037jmm

Clarence Seward Darrow

"Some so-called criminals—and I use this word because it is handy, it means nothing to me—I speak of the criminals who get caught as distinguished from the criminals who catch them—some of these so-called criminals are in jail for their first offenses, but the nine-tenths of you are in jail because you did not have a good lawyer, and, of course, you did not have a good lawyer because you did not have enough money to pay a good lawyer. There is no very great danger of a rich man going to jail."

Eugene Victor Debs

They tell us that we live in a great free republic: that our institutions are democratic; that we are a free and self-governing people. That is too much, even for a joke....
Wars fought throughout history have been waged for conquest and plunder....And that is war in a nutshell. The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles."

Clarence Seward Darrow

"See what the law is: when these men [the rich] get control of things, they make the laws. They do not make the laws to protect anybody; courts are not instruments of justice. When your case gets into court it will make little difference whether you are guilty or innocent, but it's a question of money. Those people who own the earth make the laws to protect what they have. They fix up a sort of fence or pen around what they have, and they fix the law so the fellow on the outside cannot get in. The laws are really organized for the protection of the men who rule the world. They were never organized or enforced to do justice. We have no system for doing justice, not the slightest in the world.

Let me illustrate: Take the poorest person in this room. If the community had provided a system of doing justice, the poorest person in this room would have as good a lawyer as the richest, would he not? When you went into court you would have just as long a trial and just as fair a trial as the richest person in Chicago. Your case would not be tried in fifteen or twenty minutes, whereas it would take fifteen days to get through with a rich man's case.

Then if you were rich and were beaten, your case would be taken to Appelate Court. A poor man cannot take his case to the Appellate Court; he has not the price. And then to the Supreme Court. And if he were beaten there he might perhaps go to the United States Supreme Court. And he might die of old age before he got into jail. If you are poor, it's a quick job. You are almost known to be guilty, else you would not be there. Why should anyone be in the criminal court if he were not guilty...

If the courts were organized to promote justice, the people would elect somebody to defend all these 'criminals', somebody as smart as the prosecutor—and give him as many detectives and as many assistants to help, and pay as much money to defend you as to prosecute you."

From Jailhouse Lawyers


Many have asked about contributions to the Davis family

Letters of condolence may be sent to:

"I am Troy Davis"
P.O. Box 2105,
Savannah, GA 31407

In lieu of flowers, donations may be mailed to:

"I Am Troy Fund"
Capitol City Bank,
339 MLK, Jr., Blvd.
Savannah, Georgia 31401

Troy Davis A Celebration of Life

Don't Give Up Don't Give In

Don't Give In Don't Give Up

With Prayers and Determination

Benjamin Todd Jealous

President and CEOmdash; NAACP

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A style of social and artistic expression peculiar to a society or class.


Intellectual and artistic activity, and the works produced by it.


The act of developing the social, moral, and intellectual faculties through Education.

MUMIAABU-JAMALHISTORY — Please, wait ... extensive download

A Link in the Chain of the Network of Cooperation and Mutual Aid of the Coalition of the Willing

"Four federal judges have reviewed Mr. Abu-Jamal's case and found his death sentence to be unconstitutional. The Third Circuit's recent opinion reflects a detailed analysis demonstrating that their unanimous decision is well-supported by Supreme Court precedent. LDF believes that this carefully reasoned analysis will stand."

Mumia's lead lawyers, who made the above statement, are Judy Ritter and Christina Swarns

International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal

Jailhouse Lawyers

" Lets Be Realistic — Lets Do The Impossible " — Ernesto "che" Guevara

The Ship Sails On
The N. Y. Times
The Virginian Pilot

Four Francophone African Presidents

Mr. Dave Henry Bailey

Stuff Missing


Killer Kopp's Killing


johannes mehserle

Thug Killer Cop awarded 7 Months

Mr. Oscar Grant and Daughter Tatiana


Murder By Thought

Oscar Grant, a 22-year-old supermarket worker from Hayward.....
with both hands behind his back
with two cops on top of him
one with his knee on his neck
qualifies as fully restrained.
Certainly not a scenario that invites
A gunshot to the back

This — Thug — Killer — Cop
Is Free on Bail

Please, Watch Your Backs

Oscar Grant Memorial

D E V I L 'S D O O R

   G A R Y  N U L L

"We have not ended racial caste in America
We have merely redesigned it"
From: Jazz
Ms. Alexander will be speaking at Riverside Baptist Church
Riverside Drive and 120th. Street in Manhattan
May 21, 2011
At 1p.m., concerning her book
Photo Lifted From : N.Y. Times— — —

" The people who benefitted
From the Dance
Ought to Pay
The Cost of the Band "

" The politics of Heartlessness
And lack of Compassion "
" Now the 'interest' around
The Defense |Cutbacks|
Have gone 'forward', and said
'Those' Automatic Triggers ?
No, 'we're' not going to
Let 'those' |Defense Cutbacks| Happen
But you want to
Let Unemployment Insurance Expire "

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

Sunday, 11-27-11

Doggie ? It's Delicious

Black Angles over Tuskegee

   Actors Temple Theater
339 West 47th Street
Between 8th and 9th Avenues
Manhattan ( NYC ) NY 10036
Tue.Nov.16 — 7:00PM
Sat.Nov.20 — 3:00PM
Mon.Nov.22 — 8:00PM

    Open Run      More Information


andrew dunton
Ms. Natalia Harding
Mother Of


Mr. Omar Edwards



andrew dunton

Was Not

Friendly Firing


Accidentally Firing


Mistakenly Firing

andrew dunton



How is andrew dunton gonna keep Harlem Safe ?


andrew dunton

Willfully KILLS

Black and Brown Complexioned